Video Transfer

Have your old VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Mini DVs transferred to DVD.

Video Tape to DVD

A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of video. If your tape is longer, the extra will be transferred as an additional DVD and charged as an additional DVD. Each transfer comes with 1 DVD. Please check below for pricing on additional DVDs.

1 tape (2 hours): $29.99
2-5 tapes (2 hours): $22.99 each
6-10 tapes (2 hours): $19.99 each
11-25 tapes (2 hours): $17.99 each
26-50 tapes (2 hours): $15.99 each
51+ tapes (2 hours): $11.99 each

Additional copies or duplicate DVDs

1 copy: $15.99
2-10 copies: $10.99 each
11-25 copies: $7.99 each
26-99 copies: $3.99 each
100+ copies: $1.99 each

Film to DVD

8mm, Super 8, and 16mm movie films
$0.18 per foot, with $49.95 minimum charge.
A single DVD can hold up top 1600ft of regular 8 Film, 1800ft of Super 8 Film, or 3600ft of 16mm film.

3in. reel, 50ft: $9.00
5in. reel, 200ft: $36.00
6in. reel, 300ft: $54.00
7in. reel, 400ft: $72.00

Digital Movies to DVD

We can take digital movies from you mobile devices, digital camcorders, digital cameras, GoPros and make then into a playable DVD for your whole family to watch.

Videos up to 2 hours: $40.00